Ultimate diaper bag - ultimate freedom


At the beginning of April, you can look forward to getting your hands on it

this new model with removable cooler bag.

Comes in black and golden caramel.

Best choies for active parents

The diaper backpack is designed for active and adventurous parents who are raising baby dreamer kids.

New concept

secondhand pusletaske

Baby Dreamer supports your family adventures

🌱 Cork clothes, the luxury edition in diaper bags

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Convertible Diaper Bag

The Baby Dreamer diaper bag is known for being extremely multi-functional and covering almost all needs such as:

Super spacious - sustainable materials - built-in changing mat - backpack - water-resistant - suitable for both mother and father

The bag for the whole family

The Baby Dreamer backpack/diaper bag simplifies being on the go for both moms and dads. Featuring an attractive and practical design, it offers ample space to accommodate everything necessary for parents and their child when stepping out of the house. Whether you're headed for a visit to the park, the swimming pool, or a weekend getaway, this bag has you covered.