"Vanlife" in the 90s - The germ of the Baby Dreamer

Behind the name "Baby Dreamer" lies the dream of inspiring you parents to sow a small dream seed in your children. Small seeds that become adults who dare to pursue their dreams. My mission at Baby Dreamer is to design products for you families that make chasing your family adventure a little easier. Big or small, as long as you are together.

Out of the blue in a motorhome

"Vanlife" families are a hyped phenomenon these days, but not without reason either. It is probably the idea of ​​the simpler life, the closer togetherness and the disconnected everyday life that attracts.

Back in the 90s, I also think it was just such a trip with my family that planted the seed in me to become a real dreamer and enjoy life. Yes, maybe even here the foundation stones of Baby Dreamer were laid. It was a month in a motorhome around the beautiful nature of Canada, together with my parents and older brother. That journey filled a lot, as a great experience in my childhood, even though I was only 3.5 years old. It really awakened a dreamer in me because I was allowed to see what the world could also offer beyond the four walls of the kindergarten.

Definitely a great experience for me, but what was it like to be parents on such a trip? Of course I asked my parents…

Wasn't it really expensive?

No, neither the plane ticket nor the motorhome rental was particularly expensive, so we could actually get it together even if we didn't have a lot of money in our hands, but of course it was something that had to be prioritized.

Why did you choose this particular type of trip?

It was a super easy way to travel with children, as you always have a toilet nearby, you can grab a meal when hungry and put the children to sleep when they are tired. The entire suitcase is always with you around, so you always have what you need close at hand.

So it was actually a holiday for you too?

Yes definitely! If you live in a hotel, you are somewhat locked into the hotel room as soon as the children have gone to bed. With a motorhome, you can sit right outside the front and cozy up by the fire and enjoy nature even as parents. As previously mentioned, it's also just great to have everything at hand, so you don't have to rush around looking for food or the toilet. And then it's just great to see your children find joy in nature and play around.

The greatest experience as a child on this trip?

To see a wild bear! After all, I didn't talk about anything else in the kindergarten when I got home. There were so many animals you had never seen before in Denmark and it is a great experience for small children.