Simple travel guide to Portugal in a motorhome with a 3-month-old baby

What to pack without overpacking?

Travel :

Duration: 6 days to Portugal in a motorhome, 3h40min flight with hand luggage only

Price : flight, 3900 kroner total motorhome, indie campers 4000 kroner

Purpose : Surf trip up the coast of Portugal

How and what we got packed:

  • Bugaboo pram (we had rented a bugaboo travel bag for DKK 150 for a week, so the pram didn't break on the flight)

  • Baby carrier/swaddle

  • BabyDreamer Changing bag , in which we also packed all his things

  • A backpack each for mum and dad (yes, you make nappy bags, so we packed a bag each as it perfectly holds what we each had to bring with us)

  • Surfboard for mom and dad

Package for baby, we used:

  • Sun hat

  • 7 cloth diapers (we use an insane amount, so we also brought a letter of washing powder with us to be able to wash up clothes)

  • Bodysuits, we used 6 bright long-sleeved bodysuits so he didn't get sun

  • Pants, we used 3 pairs of pants again to protect from the sun, light and bright were good

  • Warm sweater

  • Nightgown

  • We put sunscreen and a pack of nappies in the bag with the pram. Denmark is apparently one of the few countries that makes diapers without perfume

  • A big blanket we could all get on with

  • Hammam towel, which we used as a duvet/blanket and towel in one

  • Wet wipes, we used a maximum of one pack (again brought from home, to avoid those with perfume abroad)

  • 3 pcs pacifiers. Throw two away as you can be a bit confused on holiday and easily forget them around. A pacifier cord helps of course.

  • Two pairs of socks

Biggest challenge: Our boy doesn't want to ride in a pram at the moment. Everything would have been so much easier if he bothered.

It's a bit of an expedition if you're going to the beach with such a small one, with all that equipment. It does, however, make it easier with its prepackaged diaper bag that you just grab with you. Unfortunately, it is not self-refillable, so you just have to remember to fill it with new nappies and clothes ;)

The bright sunlight is also exhausting for a small baby, so a UV tent is therefore well spent. We don't think the parasol was enough.

Advantages: Portugal is a very child-friendly country. A baby gives a lot of front pockets, both in airport queues but also in the restaurants, they were nice, especially if several people were waiting for a table, you could get to quickly. We also had a fun experience at a nice outdoor wine bar. Here we went a little way to change a nappy, to which the owner was disappointed that we went away to change a nappy, "Isn't it clean enough here" he asked.

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