On a shelter trip in Denmark with children

Corona Lockdown is difficult and frustrating for all of us. But perhaps especially for the family with children, who during these weeks have to keep the children at home and juggle work, education and domestic duties.

Shelter tour in Denmark with children

We, at Baby Dreamer, have set out to inspire corona-weary families with children for fun and educational nature experiences. Because even though it is winter, there are still lots of exciting things we can do in nature. So pack your Baby Dreamer bag with all the necessary essentials and take your family on an adventure!

We have taken Henry and his parents on a shelter trip. Henry's mother shares a bit about their experiences here. "Henry is 4 years old and loves to play in nature. He has a natural curiosity and loves everything from birds and insects, to campfire food and cave building.

After all, Henry no longer needs a diaper bag in the classic sense. So his Baby Dreamer bag has been given new life! The bag's unique design follows your child's development and can be used through all stages of childhood. The function of the bag is easily adapted to your child's needs.

The bag was a great help to have with you on a shelter trip. Instead of diapers and bodystockings, we packed it with everything a 4-year-old might need on his adventure. The bag's practical design easily holds rain gear, warm socks, blankets, binoculars, a first aid kit and a few books for identifying birds, insects and plants.

We had also prepared food from home that we could cook over a fire. It was a really pleasant experience to sit by the fire, look into the flames and eat the food we had made together. It was incredibly nice to get away from the home office and the iPad for a bit, and a walk in nature really gave renewed energy and a wonderful feeling of freedom."

Have you been inspired to take the family on a shelter trip, cook over a fire or just go for a long walk in the woods? Help inspire other families with children and share your nature experiences, ideas and recommendations with us! Use the hashtag #babydreamerexplore and let's go on an adventure!

Shelter tour with children
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You can see the bags that Henry took on the shelter trip here...

🌱 Kork Edition, black diaper bag