How do you get through Christmas without everyone's forehead lobes being melted by the time we get to 3pm

Children's joy and anticipation of Christmas is absolutely wonderful to experience. BUT how do you get through Christmas without everyone's forehead lobes being melted by the time we get to 3pm on Christmas Eve?

It is a question I have asked myself and two wonderful women and mothers.

This morning I was woken up at 04.55 by my husband: " Would you mind getting up with him today, have been sitting in his room since 04.00." That DAMN Christmas stocking !” Our son has been given a Christmas stocking by my sweet parents, so Santa can put a present in EVERY day. (It's only December 12th and I've been looking like this for the past few days

Want to beat my parents though. Because how lucky you are that they want to make a packing calendar for your son. They have even spent time finding good recycled toys - yes, on top of that they have become some of the most sustainable people I know. With own shopping bags, good flea finds, sorting rubbish and buying a holiday home, as the time has come to holiday in other ways than before with lots of flights - GOD I hope I get the same pensioner profit one day. Well, back to the many joys and expectations that Christmas offers.

At our place, we have deliberately chosen that rice porridge is served to Santa every Sunday. Our son has two chocolate Christmas calendars that he has to open every afternoon when he comes home from kindergarten, we see Pyrus and then he has the awesome morning alarm clock - the Christmas sock 😊

There are so many nice and funny pranks the Santa can do. As much as I want to dye the milk blue, swap around our furniture, and save all of our shoes, our son's forehead lobes would be completely melted by the time we get to December 17th. Honestly, my husband's and my caffeine intake would be downright unhealthy if we also had to struggle to tuck him in at night due to excitement and nervousness about what pranks Santa might come up with.

I am very much looking forward to Christmas this year. After I had a child, my Christmas joy found its way back - since my grandfather died, it has been hidden well away. It has been many years now, but he was something very special to me and the Christmas memories from Falster in his house have been magical in my head. Christmas is associated with many feelings, memories and expectations. Christmas can be a sensitive subject as, in addition to joy, it can also be filled with great sadness, frustrations and worries. I am neither qualified nor experienced to elaborate on this subject, but as I sit here writing this for the first time - probably the last time - writing a blog post on a subject that we all relate to, I hope , that you will read this post with an experience that it was written with humility. Christmas is definitely not perfect with us! But it is our Christmas with all that it entails. For the first time, we will spend Christmas with my parents in their summer house together with my sister and little nephew. During Christmas we go to my parents-in-law, who live on a farm with a big Christmas wreath on the door and Christmas lights in the trees. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law and their two children are coming home from Norway. It oozes coziness and idyll! I am absolutely sure that there will be lots of fun, but the truth is also - at least with us - that being in a small cottage with a fire in the wood-burning stove, the smell of Christmas food and sweets on the table, Christmas presents under the tree , three families gathered in a small space and the excitement about whether you are lucky to see an elf or perhaps even Santa's sleigh with reindeer can also become very intense and hectic!

I'm already dreading if we can even cuddle our son, if he gets so overtired and overheated with euphoria that he becomes super annoying and it's not pleasant at all.