5 things you do NOT want to be without in your hospital bag

What should you bring in your hospital bag? Yes, that is, the bag you have to pack if you are going to the hospital and give birth.

This is Baby Dreamer's guide: How to pack the perfect hospital diaper bag for your birth.

Okay, let me start by saying, packing the bag you need to bring to the hospital when giving birth is not just any bag to pack . There are oceans of emotion in it, which you might not realize until you get to it.

How can I explain it best? It is the start of all the expectations you have built up, which you pack into your bag. It's one of the only things about having a baby that you can actually manage, prepare and control... unless you're really late and you can't get it packed in time ;D

Did you know that in 2021, 96.8% of all births in Denmark gave birth in hospital, but that home births are on the rise?

Everything from choosing the first micro outfit for baby to the little things that will be beneficial during and after your birth, will really set the thoughts and emotions in motion. I might also think that it's a really healthy process for your head to do, a kind of tuning into what's going to happen, feeling the tension and love spreading in the body. You can compare it to an airplane whose engine is fully revved up and just exactly ready to take off. It is somewhat the same feeling in the body if you have tried to sit in a plane just before it shoots off the runway.

Packing list for the hospital

5 need to pack:

1) Baby's first outfit

Pants, long-sleeved bodysuit, socks. Remember a warm sweater, hat and outerwear if it's the cold months.

2) Hair elastics

The last thing you need to think about during labor is pesky hair that bothers and disturbs you. After the birth, it is also nice not to have hair in the way, because when the baby has to look for its food.

3) Lip balm

Your mouth can get really dry during such a birth, so it's really nice to be able to give your lips a break during or after birth.

4) A shirt/zip top and comfortable trousers

It simply has to be easy to get to the food for you and baby. If you have to pick up the whole event, it can be a hassle. It's just so much easier to just open a few buttons or zip down when baby is hungry. A pair of comfortable trousers almost goes without saying, but maybe you can also have in the back of your mind that you can end up in an emergency caesarean section and which pair of trousers would you wish you had with you?

5) Snacks

You never know what the hospital has on the menu on the day you give birth, or if the kiosk is closed if you give birth at night. Take your favorite snack with you, so you have something to look forward to and refuel your energy stores.

What is your absolute favorite snack?

Nice two pack

Remember that the hospital has everything to change a nappy, but I write it down anyway, so that you have everything in your bag if the hospital's cases are not within reach and maybe you need it on the way home.

Diaper bag to pack in... of course ;)

Baby clothes for the hospital, sizes 50 and 56

Diapers (3pcs)

Wet wipes or alternative

Baby clothes for the trip home

Baby quilt/blanket

Cloth diaper

Teddy bear

Car seat (possibly underframe, so that the car seat can be clicked on. The car seat can be quite heavy to walk with)

Hiking journal

Comfortable clothes for mother... possibly also father

Slippers, both for mum and dad

Panties, nursing bras and stockings

Nursing pads

Possibly breast ointment

Toiletry bag (remember some shampoo, creams or whatever you need for your first bath after birth)

Breastfeeding pillow

water bottle

Music playlist

Tips for your partner:

- Make an SMS thread in advance about those who need to be notified of the birth

- car seat installed

- manage parking at the hospital

- your partner's favorite snack

If the list is too unmanageable for you now, you can start bybuying the nappy bag and then fill in the one that makes sense to you. Enjoy your birth and your new life!