Black - Diaper Backpack, recycled polyester ♻️ Incl. detachable cooler bag

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Now the smart changing bag from Baby Dreamer has come in an even more ingenious version. 

It's the same diaper bag as you know it, but now with a removable cooler bag at the bottom. It's smart because…

  1. You can bring food that can stay fresh and delicious in the cooler bag all day 🍼
  2. You can separate food, wet clothes, or dirty clothes from the rest of the bag's contents, especially brilliant for users of recyclable diapers 💩
  3. The cooler bag is easy to clean inside 🧽
  4. If you only want the essentials in the toilet for nappy changes, you can remove the small bag and grab your nappy, cloth nappy and wet wipes in it.
  5. The extra bag makes it possible to expand your diaper bag and pack a little more when you are going on a long journey 🧳
  6. The cooler bag can also function as an extra room divider inside the bag, where it fits perfectly 🛄


Cooler bag that can be zipped on and off

Measures 30x19x16 cm

Color :

Golden Caramel.


  • Minimalist Nordic design
  • Unisex design
  • Built-in changing pad. 70 cm long and fits well up to the 2-year-old
  • Water repellent 
  • Strong material in recycled polyester ♻️
  • Hangs over the pushchair handlebars in a side strap with a maximum length of 100cm. Fits all prams, except twin prams.
  • 6 easily accessible pockets inside and 1 pocket outside
  • Front buckle on shoulder straps for better carrying capacity
  • Measures: 46x30x16 cm (22 L)