MiniMe Colors♻️ Recycled polyester junior bag in pink

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The MiniMe junior bag, in a stylish design, is for the child who has reached the age of independence, "wills himself, can himself". Now your child can carry a mini version of the Baby Dreamer nappy bag, but adapted to the needs of, for example, a nursery and kindergarten child. The bag has three internal compartments. The large space up against the back, you can put the drawings you want to take home, books... or an iPad, for example. In addition, there are two smaller rooms that can both hold a packed lunch in each room, toys or a change of clothes. 

On the outside, there are i.a. a front compartment with a zipper, which can hold small items, such as a pacifier etc. On the sides, there are elastic pockets where you can put the drinking bottle or whatever else you want close at hand.

The MiniMe junior bag has the same zip function as the nappy bag, where you can zip the bag all the way up. Then the bag suddenly becomes a sitting pad if you are going on a forest trip. If your child thinks it's fun to imitate the adults and use the bag as a changing pad for the dolls, that's also an option.

When the bag can be zipped all the way up, it is also easier for your child to pack the bag himself, and to see what is hidden in the bag when the toy has to be unpacked.

  • made of recycled polyester
  • water repellent
  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • reflective logo so your child is seen
  • dimensions: 29 x 22 x 13
  • liters: 8L
  • weight: 400g
  • front buckle for a better wearing experience