How much do you breastfeed the first time?

Maybe you're sitting there with a pregnant belly and thinking "hmm I wonder how much breastfeeding will actually take up when the baby comes into the world?" ...short answer, A LOT

Officially, the Danish position is to exclusively breastfeed the child for the first 4-6 months, after which you supplement with transitional food. READ "the Danish attitude", that means that the advice to breastfeed your children may also be colored by culture. In any case, there are more and more mothers here at home who breastfeed for longer than 1 year. My best advice is to listen to yourself and your baby and skip Google and the well-intentioned advice of good friends.

How long at a time should you breastfeed, you may be thinking? Anything from 5 minutes to an hour is normal. You are probably familiar with sitting and eating with other people who either take twice as long to eat as you or almost inhale their food in 2 minutes. The same applies to breastfeeding, everyone has different dietary needs.

You can tell if the baby is full by the fact that it seems relaxed, is no longer sucking or perhaps has fallen asleep. Either way, you have to be prepared that you might be stuck in the cozy breastfeeding position for a good while and even more if the baby falls asleep and you simply don't feel like getting up. Here it is super important to have a nursing pillow that supports a comfortable nursing position, where you can also relax while the baby sleeps.

How many times a day do you breastfeed? Some breastfeed four times a day, while others breastfeed more than 10 times a day at first. You can probably see that you have to go out with the milk machine quite a few times a day. So there are also quite a few times a day that you risk sitting up like a lightning rod in the battle to get breastfeeding going on track. Just think that with the right nursing pillow, where the ergonomics are top notch, you can reduce pain in the neck, shoulders and back. There is plenty the body has to fight with in advance... such as lack of sleep at night.

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Bottle or breast? Did you know that the number of children being breastfed has decreased in recent years? There is no doubt that the mother's breast milk is some of the best nutrition for your baby and has so many beneficial effects. Nevertheless, we see figures that show that breastfeeding is on a downward curve. It is not clear why this curve is downward, but it is assumed that the new mothers do not get the sufficient help they need to get good and painless breastfeeding up and running. To this, perhaps, you can also add the performance pressure that lies on women who want to perform everything for UG. You read a lot about how things should be done. It might put a black cloud over the breastfeeding project "oh can I now succeed in breastfeeding?" or do you have to show up at your friends' house and be the one "who couldn't do the best for her baby". Just those thoughts in themselves can make breastfeeding difficult.

Regardless of whether you choose the bottle or the breast, proximity is what counts. The nursing pillow from Baby Dreamer helps you and baby to sit comfortably and enjoy the close contact at mealtime without disturbing elements, such as pain in the body or pillows that slide around and have to be repositioned now and then.

Shop ergonomic nursing pillow

Shop ergonomic nursing pillow