Baby Dreamer

SecondHand - Black ♻️ Recycled Polyester Diaper Bag (Use Grade 1)

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This second hand model has a used grade 1. This means that it is close to new, but has had problems with the zipper, which sometimes came open. The zipper is now repaired. It may also happen that you have to help the zipper a little on the way around the corners, i.e. don't "tear" it around when you have to open it, because then it can get stuck. It is, however, a more general tip for bags, so that you take the best possible care of your zipper.

It may also occur on this bag that there may be a stain/discolouration. However, to such a minimal degree that you can hardly see it.

Note: Second-hand products can be refunded within 14 days, however free returns do not apply to second-hand bags and are paid by the buyer. You return it by writing an email to

The Baby Dreamer diaper bag is for you who want a practical and smart diaper bag in a minimalist Danish design. The bag is made to dress both mother and father. The bag is one of the most spacious nappy bags on the market with its 6 internal pockets and a large compartment in the middle. With a Baby Dreamer by your side, you can handle several emergency situations that life as new parents may bring. 

  • Material: min. 40% recycled polyester
  • PU details on zippers and side strap (NEW - so the bag is vegan)
  • Front buckle on back straps for better carrying capacity (NEW)
  • Inner lining with signature graphics, easy to wipe off
  • Capacity: 22 litres
  • Dimensions: 46x30x16 cm
  • Side strap measures a maximum of 100cm (if your pram's handlebars are wider than 100cm, as many twin prams are, you can buy an extra strap)
  • Built-in soft changing table
  • Minimalist Danish design
  • Unisex design
  • Wash with soap and water. Machine washing is not recommended. (however, it has been tested at 30 degrees and can be done, but it is at your own risk)
  • 6 internal pockets (4 divided for e.g.: wet wipes, diapers, clothes etc. Zip mesh pocket for e.g.: hand sanitizer, pacifier, zinc cream. Large back pocket on the changing table is good for cloth diapers)